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Select Whiskies


About Us

WhiskySelect Whiskies specialises in rare and collectible whisky. Inside the cabinet you will find a fantastic collection of beautifully crafted whiskies from the world’s finest distilleries. Browse through the collection at your own leisure, exploring each whisky’s lineage, nose, palate and finish.

Our Whiskies

Our whiskies are carefully selected to reflect Select Whiskies’s commitment to collectible and limited edition bottles. Behind the doors of the cabinet old masters and sought-after bottles from now closed distilleries stand alongside highly-prized modern classics. Indeed, some of our rarest bottles once belonged to a long-held private collection. 

Select Whiskies Team

The team at Select Whiskies offer friendly and efficient customer service and are on hand to help you find your perfect whisky. We are committed to being accessible and easy to approach, so give us a call or drop us an email and we are happy to help. We can also be contacted on Facebook and Twitter. And if you would like, why not arrange a meeting with us to visit our wonderful collection at 85 Charlotte Street, Fritzrovia, London, W1T4PS, where together we can browse some of the world’s finest drams and have a chat about your ideal bottle. 

The team is also ready to help avid whisky fans start a new collection. Arrange a consultation with us or just get into contact and we are happy to help you begin an exciting new journey. Additionally, we are more than happy to help source a whisky for you that you’d love to get your hands on. Just let us know what you’re after and we’ll get back to you swiftly.

Sell Your Whisky with Select Whiskies

Select Whiskies is happy to help you sell your whisky to other whisky consumers and collectors. If you have bottles that you'd like to sell and are looking for an efficient, friendly and reliable service to do so, then we are here to help.